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**No Planned Litters in the near future. 

Please check back for updates**

Brittanys are a medium size dog that can range in weight between 30-50 pounds.  They are a member of the sporting group and are excellent upland bird hunters.  They originated in France, and were at one time referred to as "Brittany Spaniels", in the 1980's the AKC dropped the Spaniel from their name, and stated that the spaniel characteristics were no longer seen in the breed.  Brittanys are also known for their willingness to please.  Part of their breed standard from the AKC is for them to have an expression described as "alert and eager".  They are a hunting dog so come with a bundle of energy.  With proper exercise and training, they make the best companion a human could ever ask for. 


Currently we do not ship puppies, we like to meet the people we sell our puppies too, we know there are good people all over the world, however part of placing a puppy in a good home is meeting the people we sell to.